Unique Flowers, Eternal Impressions

Our eternal flowers last for up to 4 years. Decorate your spaces with luxury bouquets or gift them create to everlasting memories.


Choose among different colors and styles to design your Eternal Real Rose box.

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A luxurious décor element shouldn’t wilt in a week

Improve your home design effortlessly with eternal roses, sunflowers and more

Real flowers that don't need water

A unique preservation technique creates fresh-looking roses that will last for up to 4 years

Fresh vs. Real Roses Time-lapse

  • What are Eternal Roses?

    Eternal Roses (also known as preserved or forever roses) are 100% REAL ROSES that have been grown, cultivated and preserved to last for years.They go through a procedure which consists of discoloration, treatment with glycerin and other natural elements, and finally coloration. This unique preservation technique creates fresh-looking roses that will last for up to 4 years (see Product Care).

  • Dried Roses vs. Preserved/Eternal Roses

    The process of preserving roses, stems, sunflowers, etc. is different than drying out flowers.

    Drying flowers is usually done by hanging them upside-down and letting them airdry for several weeks. This process results in dehydrated, colourless, fragile roses, stems and leaves.

    Preserved Roses are cultivated and immediately treated to keep them looking at their best for years! The preservation method includes adding non-harsh elements such as glycerine to the flowers and colouring them.

  • How do you display Eternal Flowers?

    Eternal roses should be displayed in their original packaging (gift box, acrylic box, glass dome etc.) Preserved roses with stem can be displayed in any vase, waterless and away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures (heating), and humidity (keep away from natural fresh plants and flowers).

  • How long does a Sunflower last?

    A fresh-cut sunflower lasts from 6-12 days. They bloom during summer and into autumn.

    Our Eternal Real Sunflowers can last for up to 4 years and bright up your home all year-long.

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