How to Preserve a Rose? 5 DIY methods to preserve your roses

How to Preserve a Rose? 5 DIY methods to preserve your roses

Roses are beautiful. They are used in many occasions. Whether you receive them on Valentine's Day, gave them to your friend for his/her birthday, or use them decorate your home, roses have a meaning behind. 

There are several methods to preserve a rose but they all have different end results.

Here are 5 DIY methods to preserve your roses

1. Air Drying

One of the most common method to preserve fresh flowers is by letting them dry out naturally. Hang them upside-down and keep in a cool, dark room. Once fully dried the colour will be brownish and the petals will be fragile.

2. Using Sand/Borax/Desiccant

Fill half of a box or plastic container with sand, borax or desiccant. Insert flowers in the powder and then cover them up with more product. This method will dry out the roses by absorbing all their liquid overtime.

3. Using Glycerin

Glycerine is a transparent liquid substance that will help you preserve your roses. Soak your roses in a mixture of 1 part glycerin and 2 parts warm water.

4. Using Hairspray

This method is simple and doesn’t take much time. All you need is any store-bought can of hairspray. Hang the roses upside-down, cover them with a thin layer of hairspray by holding the nozzle at least 12inchez away. Wait a few minutes before you turn them back. This method can be repeated several days. The petals will somewhat harden and this will make them last for longer.

5. Using Resin

Resin is a viscous composite blend that can be converted into polymers. Natural resin is secreted from some plants and artificial resin is factory-made.

To preserve flowers in resin they must be dried first. Place the flower in a mold and use a pre-made kit that includes resin and a hardener. Leave to dry for at least 8 hours.

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