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Preserved Flowers and Their Positive Impact in the Hospitality Industry

There’s a sense of professionalism when you walk into a hotel lobby and see a fresh bouquet of gorgeous flowers. This professionalism and charisma are part of why flowers are so popular in the hospitality industry. But what if there was another way to evoke the same emotions without that need for constantly replacing bouquets or picking out the wilting ones? It turns out there is another way - preserved flowers.

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The basics of preserved flowers

Also known as forever flowers, these are an eternalized version of a classic cut flower. A flower in its peak bloom is cut and then treated with glycerin and natural colorants to preserve it in this brilliant, silky, and perfectly bloomed status for years. These are quickly sweeping the globe with their benefits and realism.


How do forever flowers benefit the hospitality industry?

Fresh flowers are such an integral part of a high-end hotel. So, how can something like preserved flowers replace that? There are many fantastic benefits when considering this upgrade for a hotel. Take a look at some of the highlights.

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  • They are environmentally family: Preserved flowers last for years and don’t require replacement with fresh flowers every week. This is an environmentally friendly choice that helps you do your part to reduce flower waste and commercial transportation waste, among others.


  • They require virtually no maintenance: Preserved flowers don’t need water given to them or water changed. While you can put them in water for the aesthetic of it, it is optional. The only thing you have to do is lightly dust them to help keep their beautiful petals free and clear of build-up.


  • They are cost-effective: Did you know that over $120 million dollars was spent on imported flowers in Canada in 2021? That amount would be a fraction of itself if those in the hospitality industry would make the switch.


  • You aren’t limited by seasonal availability: Another wonderful advantage is that you can create bouquets with whatever flowers you want, no matter what time of year it is. This is ideal for those who love colour-coordinated floral arrangements or really want to have tulips and roses during seasons when it is hard to source them naturally. Perfect for always having the perfect bouquet for your lobby, hallway, bathroom, and more.

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A choice for a better future

Making a better choice for the future doesn’t mean moving away from the many benefits of flower arrangements. It just means bringing out all of the positives and doing away with some of the negatives that don’t occur with preserved flowers.


Everyone agrees that the hospitality industry, particularly hotels, look their best with flowers placed strategically to welcome guests. Switching to forever flowers gives the same powerful image; it just makes it more sustainable and eternal.

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If you want to make a positive impact, make the change to forever flowers and see for yourself just how much of a difference this innovation can make. All that’s left is to start searching for the perfect starter arrangement now so that you can see the real-life benefits for yourself.

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