The Most Popular Rose Colors & Their Meanings

The Most Popular Rose Colors & Their Meanings

Roses are widely known for being those flowers that signify love and passion. But the truth is that every rose color has its own, unique meaning. So if you want to start gifting flowers, it might be a very good idea to figure out the meaning behind each one of the roses for Valentine’s Day. At the end of the day, you want these roses to signify what you want, which is why picking the right color is an extremely important aspect to focus on.

 Red Eternal Rose Aluna Gifts


Red roses are known for being a symbol of love, desire, passion and beauty. Additionally, these roses can be seen in bridal bouquets, not to mention you can also share them for non-romantic reasons. They are suitable for a graduation, major projects, a great performance and so on.  

White Eternal Rose Aluna Gifts


White roses are associated with things like purity, chastity and a sense of innocence. They are also known for showing a new beginning, reverence, spirituality and many others. They can also symbolize marriage and deep love, which is something to take into consideration here.


Yellow Eternal Rose Aluna Gifts


The meaning behind yellow roses shifted quite a lot over the years. Generally, they are great Valentine's Day flower because they show caring, joy and cheer. They can also be a sign of friendship and platonic affection, so you do need to keep that in mind.

Pink Eternal Rose Aluna Gifts

Light Pink

Light pink is one of those rose colors that showcase dignity, admiration, happiness, innocence and many others. Pale pink is all about sweetness and grace, so these are great when you are gifting flowers to someone you have feelings for. It’s important to know all these simple and even deeper meanings, as they might end up showing very specific things you might not know or expect.

Purple Eternal Rose Aluna Gifts


Purple roses are actually quite impressive when you see them. They are known for being a symbol of mystique and enchantment. Additionally, they convey fascination, adoration and a sense of royalty. They can be a good Valentine’s Day gift, especially when you consider the sense of adoration with someone. So yes, they are a great gift for romantic occasions.

Blue Eternal Rose Aluna Gifts


Blue roses are not found in nature, and they are a symbol of mystery and something that can’t be obtained. They look amazing, and it shows that you put a lot of work to find this particular type of color, which is something to consider.

Black Eternal Rose Aluna Gifts


Generally, black roses are not sent for a great occasion, however they can be a symbol of a rebirth. So it can make sense to send them to someone that got rid of bad things in their life and want to move on to something better.


As you can see, learning the rose colors and their meaning is very important, since all of these roses have a specific story to tell. Understanding that can help quite a bit, and it will certainly make a huge difference. You still need to take your time and find the right rose color based on what your gift needs to signify, as it can be very helpful!


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