The Future of Hospitality Decor

The Future of Hospitality Decor

We already know that the future is going to be full of technological advances.  However, the future is closer than we think.  One of the coolest inventions that is changing the hospitality industry for the best reasons is floral arrangements.  Yes, really.  Preserved flowers (also known as forever flowers or eternal flowers) are cutting-edge technology that puts two members of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts at the front of the line for futuristic add-ons.


A choice for a sustainable future

Hotel Gault and Hotel Monville in Montreal, are both sporting beautiful bouquets of eternal flowers in their lobby.  This is a break away from the classic fresh-cut flowers that are often found in prestigious hotels.  So, why have these hotels gone a different route?

Flower Hotel Monville


Firstly, they thrive on being innovative.  One of these hotels has a robot that wanders the lobby and delivers room service, among other things.  It also has self-check-in and -out.  So, making the forward-thinking change from fresh flowers to eternal flowers with just “par for the course.” 


Flower Hotel Monville Lobby

Secondly, going with preserved flowers is good for the environment.  Since the hospitality industry is big on making changes to move from single-use waste to a more sustainable option, it makes sense that moving from destructive fresh flowers to environmentally conscious eternal flowers are a good choice.


Creativity at its finest

One of these hotels took advantage of the fact that forever flowers can be customized to whatever you are going for.  They had arrangements made for their lobby that were colour-coordinated to the Grand Prix.  It was a huge hit for fans of the season, and it made a great impression.

Grand Prix Montreal Hotel Flowers


How eternal flowers work in the hospitality industry

Even those who don’t consider themselves to be innovative would find that preserved flowers are a great choice for their line of work.  There are many reasons, but some of the most important ones are below:


  • They don’t require refrigeration or maintenance: Preserved in glycerin and other colour enhancer products, forever flowers don’t need water or refrigeration to look their best. You also don’t need to check their water, change out their water, or even use water.  These perfectly preserved flowers only need a light dusting once in a while to keep them looking brand new.


  • They are even more beautiful than fresh flowers: Because eternal flowers are cut at their peak and arranged in a bouquet, every single flower looks its best and stays that way day after day, week after week, and so on. There are no bad angles or dead petals taking away from your blossoms.  This makes them much more enjoyable to look at and curate than classic cut flowers.


  • They are perfect for self-expression: You are no longer limited by what is in bloom in whoever country you want to source your flowers from. You can create customized bouquets that are going to be exactly what you are hoping for.  There’s a lot to be said for that when you’re trying to stand out.
Hotel Gault Flowers Lobby

You can see, then, how eternal flowers were such a logical fit for these two hotels, right?  Innovation means sustainability means creativity in the perfect fusion that is downright futuristic.  Now, let’s see just how many others follow suit!

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