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ESTELLA – XL Eternal Rose in Delicate Gift Box

ESTELLA – XL Eternal Rose in Delicate Gift Box

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  • Premium Real Rose petals were arranged by hand to create this masterpiece: an Extra-large ETERNAL ROSE.
  • ESTELLA is the perfect gift and home decor accessory. It comes in a Delicate Gold & Black Gift-box handmade in Canada that you can use to display your rose.
  • This extra-large Eternal Real Rose will last you 2-4 years (see Product Care).  




  • Made in Canada by hand with domestic and imported materials.
  • Dimensions: L x W x H  5 x 5 x 3”
  • Colors: Black exterior, gold interior.
  • This luxurious paper-box was design to display your rose. Lift up the bottom piece and voilà! 
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Product Care

Our Eternal Real Roses & Sunflowers are meant to last 2-4 years with the right care:

-Do NOT water your rose or allow it to wet.

-Do NOT expose it to direct sunlight and strong light.

-AVOID touching your arrangement.

-Store and display at room temperature and humidity.

-DUST with Aluna’s special soft brush, when needed (included).


What are Eternal Real Roses?

Eternal Roses (also known as preserved or forever roses) are 100% REAL ROSES that have been grown, cultivated and preserved to last for years. They go through a procedure which consists of discoloration, treatment with glycerin and other natural elements, and finally coloration. This unique preservation technique creates fresh-looking roses that will last for up to 4 years (seeProduct Care).

Do Eternal Real Roses last forever?

Eternal roses last from 2-4 years with the proper care (seeProduct Care). Our roses are 100% real and have been treated to look fresh and beautiful for a very long time.

What Colour Rose Symbolizes Forever?

Although red roses are a classic symbol of true and forever love, white roses symbolize loyalty and a pure endless love. Both colors are great options to symbolize “forever”.

Can you take Eternity Roses out of the box?

Eternal roses that come in a display box (gift box, acrylic box, glass dome) should NOT be removed from their packaging. We have selected the highest quality and best-looking display boxes for you to enjoy your eternal roses for years. Preserved roses with stem can be displayed in any base, waterless and away from direct sunlight, 

How to Preserve a Rose?

Aluna’s Roses are professionally preserved and guaranteed to last for minimum 1 year and up to 4 years with the proper care. Our roses are grown under ideal conditions, cultivated at their best and preserved immediately after they have reached their perfect size. This ensures that our clients receive the highest quality roses. Our method of preservation is extensive and can only performed by professionals. It includes using heating and cooling chambers, glycerin, natural elements and dye.

Check out some DIY methods to preserve roses at home

Do you Ship Eternal Roses to Canada & USA?

We ship all of our products across Canada and the United States. 

Get your Forever Sunflowers, Eternal Rose Boxes, Mini Eternity Rose and Floral Arrangements delivered to your home.

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