Preserved Flowers vs. Fresh-cut Flowers: 5 Facts you didn't know about Forever Roses and Eternal Sunflowers

Preserved Flowers vs. Fresh-cut Flowers: 5 Facts you didn't know about Forever Roses and Eternal Sunflowers

If you’re looking to buy flowers, you usually have two options. You either go with regular fresh flowers from any florist, or you buy preserved flowers from a company like Aluna Eternal Flowers

Since there are many flower giving occasions throughout the year, such as weddings, birthdays, sympathy, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc; it’s very important to understand the differences between the two options, so you can identify exactly what you can do. With that being said, here are the main differences between preserved flowers and fresh cut flowers. 

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5 Facts you didn't know about Forever Roses 

XL Eternal Real Roses

1. They last for a very long time

One of the main benefits of getting Eternal Flowers is the fact that they can last for a really long time. Unlike fresh flowers, Eternity Roses and Sunflowers do not dry out, so they look as fresh as they day they were cultivated for many years.

It’s very common for Preserved Flowers to last for 3-4 years, maybe even more. By comparison, fresh cut flowers will not last more than 1-2 weeks in general, so there is a major difference.

 Eternal Real Sunflower

2. Great for the environment

Generally, you can reuse preserved flowers and share them with someone else if you want. On the other hand, fresh cut flowers need to be cultivated, gathered, processed, imported and also transported in dedicated planes and trucks in a limited time. All these things damage the environment and it’s easy to see why it’s better to just go with preserved flowers, since they need way less care and attention. Plus, their environmental impact is much lower. 


3. You don’t have to water them

Water is an important resource, and it’s crucial for us to take good care of it. A great thing about eternal flowers is the fact that you don’t need to water them at all. They don’t need any water, which means they require a lot less maintenance. They still maintain a great look, and they won’t die if you forget to water them.

Black Eternal Real Roses 

4. Better pricing

What you will notice about preserved roses and sunflowers is the fact that these are real flowers that last for years. However, their price is not that different when compared to fresh flowers.

Think about it: 3-4 years vs. a 2 week lifespan! Which means you have a much better return on investment if you go for preserved flowers. They are an amazing, meaningful and very memorable gift too, something different than regular flowers.

Luxe Gold Eternal Real Rose

5. Colors

Both preserved flowers and fresh cut flowers come in a vast range of colors. That means you can easily pick the color that suits your requirements however, there are many more options of eternal roses colors and textures. For instance you can get an XL Eternal Rose in a luxurious metallic gold, or a Mini Eternal Rose arrangement with alluring fuchsia and serene pink roses.

Aluna Eternal Flowers has lots of different colors to choose from, and you will have no problem selecting the right flowers for the occasion in question.



As you can see, going for preserved flowers is a much better idea if you want to impress someone with incredible, unique and different flowers. These are real flowers that last for years, sustainable, and you also get to protect the environment this way as well. It’s a very good idea to check them out and give them a shot, as preserved flowers are an incredible gift that everyone will appreciate. The fact that they can last upwards of 3-4 years is the icing on the cake and one of the main reasons why these are much better than normal, fresh cut flowers that just last for a week or so. Give them a try and you will not regret it!

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