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Environmental Impact: Preserved vs. Fresh Cut Flowers

So often, people talk about the fact that only fresh-cut flowers make wonderful gifts for those people you give them to. But this also makes many people feel as though they are doing a disservice to the environment.  So, what’s the real deal?  And how do preserved flowers factor into the environmental impact as well as the gift-giving cycle?  It’s all below. 

Eternal Flowers and Sustainability

Fresh flowers and the environment

Since fresh flowers are natural, they must be better for the environmental impact, right?  Wrong, actually.  Fresh flowers and getting them to their customers have a very high cost when it comes to each individual bud’s environmental impact.  The best way to see this is by taking it apart detail by detail.

  • Flowers are grown: Whether in the country or around the world, plenty of greenhouses and fields are kept allocated for growing flowers. This is simple enough and can be done with a low environmental impact. 
  • Flowers are shipped: Once the flowers are cut, they are immediately on the clock. They must be put into refrigerated trucks and shipped, sometimes overseas, to their destinations.  This put a lot of carbon emissions into the air for flowers that are already dying.
  • Flowers die: Even in the best-case scenario where you water them every day and give them powdered food, they will die in 3-4 weeks. No matter how much the sentiment means to you, you’ll need to literally throw it out with the trash.


Eternal flowers and the environment

When you look at this in contrast to preserved flowers, much appears the same at first.  Whether grown domestically or around the world, the flowers are grown and shipped.  However, there are two very important steps added:

  • They are preserved: This preservation process relies on glycerin rather than chemical equivalents that are going to cause sensitivities and issues. Since they are carefully prepared, they require no food or water.  Just a beautiful spot to put them on display. 
  • They last for years: The preservation process is so thorough and careful that these eternal flowers last 4 years. No care is needed other than just a light dusting every once in again to help them retain that very realistic look that you’ve been enjoying.


The verdict on flowers as gifts

When you are looking to give a gift that someone will really appreciate, eternal flowers are going to be a stunning choice.  Not only do they look impressively realistic and last for years with no need to waste water on them, but they also have a much lower environmental impact because they don’t require refrigeration trucks when they are transported.  They also last many, many times longer than even the longest-living flowers which makes them a better investment on both the earth’s resources and your own pocketbook! 

It’s pretty special to see just how a little shift in perspective can change your opinion on things, right?  Before you immediately skip to a bouquet of fresh roses for your special someone, why not consider the eternal floral bouquet instead?  They’ll love it just as much and it’ll also do great things for the environment, too!


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